We aim to cover a comprehensive suite of solutions to clients’ needs, offering a mix of hardware and software support.

Our goal is to leverage our experience and Project Management knowledge to aid in our clients’ success. We always aim to achieve maximum satisfiability for clients in regard to budget and schedule by following industry best practices such as AGILE methodologies in order to manage our projects more effectively.


1. Our success will be built on a foundation of professionalism, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence.
2. Maintain a results oriented company intent based on identifying the individual needs of our clients and achieving the desired outcome.
3. Encourage creative and innovative solutions to solve problems, adapt to change, and continually monitor our effectiveness to our customers.
4. Make teamwork an essential component in reaching goals as individuals, and as a company.
5. Emphasize on frequent and effective communication between all relevant stakeholders to maintain budget and schedules.


1. Creativeness: hand-made, original, specially done solutions to reflect our clients’ distinctive company image.

2. Convenience: We aim to offer one-stop solutions for our clients through vertical integration of both hardware and software solutions at a competitive price.

3. Promptness: With adherence to AGILE processes, we offer frequent prototypes for feedback from our clients and engage in regular meetings and non-formal communications to keep project scope on track and implement improvements on a timely basis.

4. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed: We strive to maintain our client’s expectations through extensive communication and comprehensive support even after the completion of the project.


Software Development
1. Client/ Server Application
2. Distributed Applications
3. Software Architecture & Design
4. Outsourcing Software Development
5. Onsite Consulting

Website Development
1. Corporate Websites
2. Database Driven Websites
3. E-Commerce Websites
4. Portfolio/Blog Websites

Graphics Design
1. Logo Design
2. 3D AutoCad Design
3. 3D Animation

Research (Collaborative Projects with our expert Consultants)
1. OCR
2. Bangla CORPUS
3. Text-to-Speech
4. Speech-to-Text

1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
2. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
3. Customer care & Relationship Management
4. Stock and Warehouse Management
5. Human Resource Planning (HRP)
6. Commercial Application ( Financial Accounting)
7. Library Management
8. School Management
9. Android/IOS Bangla Keyboard
10. Font Development
11. Unicode Converter
12. Outsourced Android Applications